Which features are included in the map tools?

WellDatabase has an incredible amount of mapping tools, allowing you the ability to customize your digital or print map with any combination you can imagine. Get creative!

Watch a quick overview of what we have to offer and how it can help you get the answers you need.


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There are many articles focusing on map tools and we've included some of those throughout this document.

Map Tools Navigation Bar


Article: Print Map

Show my current location on the map. 

Add a marker to the map.

Animate data changes overtime on the map. 

Map Settings

When selecting , as you move your mouse over the map the well card will continually populate as you move across wells on the map. If the hover tooltip is not selected, you can still click on any well spot to pull up the well card. 

Examples of different base maps available: 

No base









Within WellDatabase, you have access to a wide variety of map overlay types, including numerous built-in overlays. These overlays, along with data layers, empower you to effortlessly create intricate and detailed maps within minutes.

Articles: Data Layers, Interactive Layers, Adding OverlaysAdding Overlay from Another Map ServerAdding ZMap Layer, and Adding Shape Files

Well Layer Settings

Articles: Group Settings, Visualization Types, Heat Map, Grid Map

Surface Hole, Bottom Hole and Laterals 

Articles: Surface Hole Options, Bottom Hole Options, Lateral Options


Choose from dozens of fields to add labels to your map.