What surface hole options are available in map tools?

Surface hole locations are very important in mapping. Surface holes are the location in which all well activity happens. Combined with our satellite and road maps, you can get some very detailed looks at the well site.

Currently surface locations are represented by a pentagon shape. Here are the options available for mapping surface hole locations.

  • Show – Simple toggle to hide/show bottom hole locations. This defaults to on.
  • Colorize – Toggle to color well spots by the property selected for Color By in the 

    Group Settings

    *If toggled off, the well spots will be black.
  • Dynamic Size – Toggle to use the Size By (again in

    Group Settings) property to dynamically size the well spot.

  • Size – Base size of the well spot. If Dynamic Size is selected, the smallest values will have the size specified and larger values will be exponentially larger. If Dynamic Size is not selected, the size value will be the size (in pixels) of the well spot.
  • Minimum Zoom – The minimum zoom will show/hide the surface location based on your zoom level. Lower values mean the location will be show when zoomed further out. Higher values will restrict the visibility until you are zoomed in closer. This setting is valuable to ensure that you can always have a clean looking map.