Can I overlay a ZMap layer?

Do you have shapefiles, ZMap, KMLs, WMS, and other file types you want to integrate into WellDatabase? You can, let us show you how.

ZMap files are x, y, z value property maps. This particular export is very simple and a popular format from many software packages.


To get started, open the 'Tools' bar, go to 'Map Overlays' and select 'Add Overlay'. Then, click the ZMap Layer on the Overlay Type Selector.


The ZMap Layer Settings will appear. Enter a name for the layer and choose your ZMap file. You can adjust Hue, Bandwidth, and scale of the property colors for the ZMap as well.


Once you click Load, the property map will show.


Tip, if you want to hide all wells just put “x” in the API number field.

The well spots will sit right on top of the ZMap file.


You can also use the production head map setting to create a second property map. This view compares the cumulative oil production on top of the Bakken OIP property map.

The ability to overlay ZMaps allows you to easily compare property map files you might have around with public production data. Additionally, you can add any number of ZMap layers if needed.


This process works the same for WMS, TMS, ZMap, Shapefile, KML, and GeoJson files so you have plenty of options to add mapping layers you need.