Can I overlay data from another map server?

Do you have shape files, ZMap, KMLs, WMS, and other file types you want to integrate into WellDatabase? You can, let us show you how.

WellDatabase supports visualizing layers from a number of sources, including external map servers. For this article, we'll dive into a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS).


Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) is a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered or run-time computed geo-referenced map tiles. If you are unfamiliar with WMTS, you can read more on the WMTS Wikipedia page.


There are a number of public sources for WMTS layers. For this example, we will reference the US Wind Turbine Database and the ESRI US Topo Map.


To get started, open the 'Tools' bar, go to 'Map Overlays' and select 'Add Overlay', Then select WMTS Layer from the Overlay Type Settings screen.


Now we can give our layer a name and drop in the URL from our source. Once the source is read, the available layers will show up in the drop down. Select the layer you want to see and click Load.


The wind turbines are applied to the map. We zoomed in to an area in the Permian where a cluster of turbines are on a ridge. There are some wells nearby as well.


Turning on the Satellite background allows you to get a closer look at the ridge.


Now we drop on the ESRI topo map layer and we can see the combined view. The wells still stay on the top layer by default.


Here are a few more examples:


Topo maps with wells at the TX/NM border in Loving county.


Combination of satellite, topo, and well spots.


Another combination of satellite, topo & well spots


There are a number of public sources for WMTS layers. ESRI, EIA, and are just a few of the sources available.


This process works the same for WMS, TMS, ZMap, Shape file, KML, and GeoJson files so you have plenty of options to add mapping layers you need.