Can I look at the production of wells within a 20 mile radius around a specific well?

We will use a custom area of interest to find analytics for only the wells within a 20 mile radius of the identified well.

Find the Focus Well: 

Start off by locating the well that the radius will be drawn around on your map. Then we will use the measure tool to measure 20 miles from the wells location. 

Learn how to measure in the following article: How do I use the WellDatabase measure tool?

Create a Custom AOI: 

Next we will create a custom AOI, we will choose the circle as our area of interest shape. 

Learn how to create a custom AOI in the following article: How do I create a custom AOI map search? 

With the new area of interest, your map should look something like this: 


Now, the production data for the wells inside this radius will be available in the production dashboard or the monthly production tab of analytics.  

Keep in mind, to remove the custom area of interest when you are finished, go to the filters tab and switch Area of Interest back to map bounds.