How do I use the WellDatabase measure tool?

WellDatabase's measure tool helps you measure distance or calculate area on the map. Here's what you need to know.

The measure tool allows you to measure area and distance on the WellDatabase map.

Using the Measure Tool

1. To start the measure tool, right click on the map, and select either Measure Distance, or Measure Area.


2. This will bring up the Measure Toolbar at the top of the map:


3. At this point you can immediately start clicking to start measuring distance or area.


4. To end a measure, click Stop on the toolbar, or simple right click on the map. You area or distance line will turn black, and be locked in place.


5. Click Distance, or Area in the toolbar to start another measure


Changing Unit of Measure

Currently the map only supports one unit type for all measures.
1. Click the unit drop down in the the measure toolbar

2. Select the desired unit type, Imperial or Metric - Imperial uses acre for area, and ft for distance. - Metric uses km2 for area, and km for distance.


Removing a Single Measure

1. To remove a measure, select it on the map. When selected, the line and/or fill will turn blue:


2. With the shape selected, click the Remove button in the Measure Toolbar.

Remove All Measures

From the Measure Tool
1. To completely clear all measures, click on the map background to ensure there are no measures selected. At this point all measures should be black:


2. Now click the Clear button in the Measure Toolbar

From the Map
1. If you have already closed the Measure Tool, you can clear all measures by right clicking on the map and selecting Clear Measures.

Closing the Measure Tool

The measure tool can be hidden, and the measures will still be visible on the map. To edit measures, simply right click the map and start the measure tool again.

1. To hide the Measure Tool, click Close in the Measure Toolbar.