What is in the Permit Analytics?

Permitting activity has long been an indicator of other future activities. WellDatabase Permit Analytics help uncover the details behind the permit.

Permitting is the first real indicator of activity. Permits get filed for all different kinds of reasons though, so a permit count just isn't enough. This is why we build the Permit Analytics. Here we will dive in on the specific properties you can view using the Permit Analytics dashboard in WellDatabase.

The Permit Analytics belong to our group of Event Analytics pages. To learn more about these dashboards, view the following article:

What is displayed on the event analytic pages?

Permit Fields

The primary function of the Permit Analytics is to help identify permit counts. These counts can be grouped by the following fields:

  • Permit Purpose - New Drill, Recompletion, Field Transfer, etc. 
  • Permit Status - Approved, Pending Approval, Engineering, etc.
  • Permit Target Formation - Normalized formation name listed as the target formation on the permit.

While the number of fields are limited today, these fields give you some color into the details of the permits in an area.