How do I find changes in lateral lengths over time?

Our custom charts will help you identify trends in lateral lengths, which can provide valuable insights into the evolution of lateral lengths and changes in drilling techniques over time.

Our custom charts are an excellent solution for answering any question you may have regarding data, including spotting trends in lateral lengths over time. Additionally, these charts can seamlessly be incorporated into a personalized dashboard.

With the ability to spot these changes, our charts offer a comprehensive analysis tool for tracking the evolution of lateral lengths. 

In this example, we are looking at several counties in the Haynesville shale with a first production date after 2010 and lateral lengths between 2k-16K.

Custom Chart Options

Chart Type: Scatter

Regression Type: Polynomial 

X-Axis - Property: First Production Date, Color By: County

Y-Axis - Lateral Length / 1000 Ft