What fields can I group by in the analytics?

Creating various groups in the analytics will enable you to view trends in various ways. Here we'll look at the fields available today.

Grouping is a critical part of any analytical analysis. Whether you want to see activity by operator, production by formation, or anything else, grouping is key. WellDatabase's analytics are based upon the ability to group data by a handful of well known fields. Here is a quick list of those fields with a short description:

  • All Wells - All wells rolled into a single group. Useful for looking at overall averages.
  • Basin - Basins are defined by the USGS basin map. One note is that regions like the Delaware and Midland basins are actually sub-basins, all fall under the broader Permian basin.
  • Country - Country where the well is permitted and/or drilled. 
  • County - County where the well is permitted and/or drilled.
  • Individual Wells - Every well gets it's own series. This is especially useful for very small data sets when you need to get down to the well level.
  • Lease - Well lease as defined by the state. The lease value will sometimes be based on a land lease an other times will be based on a production lease.
  • State - State where the well is permitted and/or drilled.
  • Vintage - Year of completion/first production.
  • Field - Aliased & Reported - Field the well was permitted to.
  • Primary Formation - Aliased & Reported - Formation the well is either permitted to drill to or is currently producing from.
  • Current Operator - Aliased & Reported - The most current operator on record. 
  • Original Operator - Aliased & Reported - The very first operator ever connect to the well. Typically the permitting operator.
  • Well Bore Profile - Aliased & Reported - Vertical, Directional, or Horizontal. The reported value will reflect the value from the state agency. The aliased value will be calculated based on the well construction information.
  • Well Status - Aliased & Reported - Status of the well. Reported will be the value as reported from the state agency and aliased will be a calculated value based upon the information we have on the well. For more information, see - How do you define your well status?
  • Well Type - Aliased & Reported - Type of the well permitted or drilled. The reported value will match what the state has. The aliased value is one we calculate based on the data we have on the well. For more information, see - How do you define your well types?

To learn more about what aliased & reported means, view this article - What is the difference between "aliased" and "reported"?.