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What access is available during a trial?

Our trials allow for full access to the features, tools, and analytics. The only limitation during a trial period is exports have a maximum of 10 wells.

As you navigate through your trial it's important to us that you are able to give a full evaluation of our software, so all features of the plan you've selected and a sample of export data will be enabled during the trial period. 

If you have questions during your trial, please reach out through our chat feature on the site or email us at sales@welldatabase.com. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I see a demo of the software? 

Yes, here is an article on how to watch a demo: Read Article

What features and tools are available with the plan I selected? 

Here is a list of features available for each plan: Compare Plans

Why are exports limited during a trial? 

We allow exports for up to 10 wells so that users can see what data is available to them through the Export Data Wizard. As a trial, this is an evaluation of our software, and not intended for a bulk data download. It is our goal that the data pulled from the small exports available during a trial will help users to evaluate what information can be obtained in the export process. 

How can I export bulk data immediately? 

If you need immediate access to export data, you can move from the trial to a paid subscription before the end of the trial and start exporting the data limits of the subscribed plan. Use the "Upgrade Now" button at the top of the WellDatabase screen.