How do you define your primary formation?

Using formations can be very helpful in your analysis. Here's how we define the primary formation for a well.

Defining the primary formation for a well is pretty straight-forward. However, there are some nuances. As a well goes from permitted to drilling to completion and production, formations have the ability to change. Now, once the well is producing, the formation stays the same, right? Most of the time yes, but wells are re-completed in different formations. This is why we are always monitoring the well's activity to ensure the primary formation is the most up to date formation available. Here's a very quick run-down of the places where formations are reported and the hierarchy we used to define the primary formation.

  • Most Recent Producing Interpreted Formation
  • Most Recent Producing Formation
  • Most Prevalent Producing Interpreted Formation
  • Most Prevalent Producing Formation
  • Most Recent Injected Interpreted Formation
  • Most Recent Injected Formation
  • Most Prevalent Injected Interpreted Formation
  • Most Prevalent Injected Formation
  • Test Interpreted Formation
  • Test Formation
  • Stimulation Interpreted Formation
  • Stimulation Formation
  • Completed Interpreted Formation
  • Completed Formation
  • Perforated Formation
  • Permitted Formation