How do I add WDB overlays to the map?

Want to see counties, land grid, basins, pipelines, and other items on your map? You're a couple clicks away!

WellDatabase includes dozens of built in overlays. We’ll review the overlays and the sources in this support doc.


To find overlays, open your 'Tools' window and go to 'Map Overlays' and click 'Add Overlay'.


When you open the WDB Overlay selector, you will see the overlays, organized by types. By default the view is All overlays. Adding an overlay to the map from this section is as easy as clicking the layer you want to see, modifying the opacity if desired, and clicking the Load button.


Clicking Load will dismiss the selector and your overlay will immediately appear.


You can also select multiple overlays at once like below.

And each will be loaded.


Legal Boundary

The legal boundary settings includes various publicly available boundary overlays.


The plays/basins section contains overlays that are created from shapefiles obtained from the EIA data portal.

Note on Plays/Basins

These boundaries are also the boundaries used in the Play / Basin Extents filter. Applying the filter with the overlay together help understand the geographical boundary that is being used.


Formation overlays are more detailed overlays, also originating from the EIA published data. You’ll find boundaries, elevations, isopachs, and more.


The misc section contains less conventional overlays. Faults are from USGS, All Wells will allow you to see all well spots as a background layer on your map, Gas Processing Plants are another from the EIA that shows spots for the gas processing plants across the us, and Railroads are, well, railroads.


Pipelines are another EIA provided overlay. They control the classification and naming of the pipeline overlay.