How can I see wells outside of the Map Bounds?

Are you not seeing the wells you expected from your search? They may just be out of view.

Sometimes users are not seeing the results returned they expected. A couple things to double check are:

1.) Are there any additional filters that should not be there? 

2.) Is the area you are trying to search within view on the map?

The map bounds act as a filter by default in WellDatabase, with the idea that you care about the wells in the area you are looking at. But if it's easier, you can turn this off to return results regardless of where you are on the map.


To do so, open the Filters tab and scroll to the 'Geographic' section.


Then, go to Area of Interest, click the pencil. This will open up your options. You'll see Map Bounds selected as the default, the option for a custom area of interest (circle, rectangle, lasso, polygon) to make a custom area, or you can choose 'None'. Choosing 'None' means regardless of your location or zoom level on the map, well results will come back for your filters and search.


For example, here I am in Mississippi searching for Southwestern Energy. With the 'None' AOI filter applied, you see my well count and results are still returning their well data.