What are the data delivery options?

Although exporting data directly from our platform is highly valuable, larger companies often need a more automated approach for delivering bulk data. 

We offer 3 primary ways of delivering data for our Enterprise customers based on what works best for your environment. 

Bulk Exports

We will work directly with your data team to determine exactly what data you want to receive. This is typically delivered in CSV or JSON format, and is dropped into an Amazon S3 bucket. 

  • The initial bulk delivery will contain the historical data to current. 
  • Then we will provide deltas (including deletes) as often as you like. 


Access our REST API, and make direct queries. The following articles will provide more information and examples in setting up the API. 

Using WellDatabase API

Generate API Exports

*Note: API access is also available with our Pro level subscriptions. 


Query our database on demand through Snowflake.

You can query the data directly in Snowflake, or you can use a separate database tool that allows you to easily view tables, columns, and build queries. While there are many database tools available, we recommend two in particular: DBeaver and Data Grip. These tools provide a more intuitive experience for managing and querying the data.

Current Snowflake Users

Simply navigate to our marketplace listing and request access. Once our team determines that you are an Enterprise customer, we will grant access. 

Here is a link directly to our Snowflake Marketplace Listing: WellDatabase

Read-Only Access

If you do not currently use Snowflake in your environment and have no plans to add it, but still want to access our account, we can provide you with read-only access. This is shared access and compute resources are shared amongst multiple users, which can impact query performance.  

Additional (pass-through) charges may be applied to your annual WellDatabase agreement to cover the additional costs on our Snowflake account for adding a read-only user. 

Data Definitions 

Regardless of which delivery option your company chooses, understanding our data definitions will assist in determining the information your company captures. 

Here is our Data Definitions

Individual Exports

In addition to the data delivery options discussed above, users also have the option to utilize our data export wizard directly on our platform. This feature allows users to easily export a group of wells and import them into third-party software. It provides a convenient and efficient way to manage and transfer data for further analysis and processing.

Here is a complete list of applications and file types we support: Export Formats