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Can I subscribe and pay for a single month?

Paid subscriptions are by default month-to-month, with an automatic renewal each month. Cancel your subscription at any time before your billing date and after the paid period is over, your account will reset to a lite (free) account.

You can subscribe for as long, or short as needed. When you sign up, your account is automatically subscribed to a month to month subscription.

To prevent recurring billing, cancel your subscription once you sign up and pay for a single-month package.

Once you cancel, your account will remain active at the subscription level you purchased until the end of the period (1 month), then will automatically reset to a lite subscription. You can upgrade your account again at anytime.

We do offer a discount for paying in advance (annually), but you always have the option to go month-to-month. Read more about our methodology in John Ferrell's blog, Why WellDatabase Continues to Champion Month-to-Month plans.

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