Is it possible to get a bulk export of data?

Bulk exports offer complete customization options for our Enterprise users, allowing you to tailor the data points you wish to receive, specify the export location, and determine the frequency of updates.

Our bulk data exports are systematically organized based on the date of the drop, followed by the state, and then the county.



To begin this process, lets determine the answers to the questions below. 

What data do you want to receive? 

Do you want it all or would you prefer to choose specific data points that you want to receive? To help you decide, explore our data definitions for more details on what data points are available. 

Do you prefer a naming convention different than the standard names?

If you prefer to have your exports with field names different than the name listed in the data definitions, we are able to map our names to the names used in your internal software and we will need a completed data field map. 

Where do you want the data delivered? 

The completion time for this process is approximately 4 hours once it is initiated. The following 

  • Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Azure Storage
  • Dropbox
  • FTP Site 
  • Google Drive

Initial Delivery

The initial export will be a full historical export of the data points your team selects. 

 We will create 3 files during the export process.

  • ExportStart.txt – simple JSON formatted file with every expected file and counts of the records expected in each file.

  • ExportSchema.json – JSON file with schema metadata – similar to what is in the Data Definitions document

  • RecordCount.txt – another simple JSON file that lists the total record counts for each table. Helpful for ensuring we are in sync.

Aside from the utility of the data provided in those files, they also signal the start and end of the export jobs. ExportStart.txt will always be the first file that shows up and RecordCount.txt will not appear until all jobs have completed.

Deltas (Differentials)

Deltas will not run if the full export is still running for any reason. Once the full export is complete, the next delta will kick off.  We establish a start datetime for the session and all exports are generated by getting the changes that occurred between the current session start datetime and the previous session start datetime. This ensures that even if a daily is skipped, the next daily will be inclusive of all changes from the last session. 

Do you want full and/or delta updates and at what frequency? 

How often would you like to receive deltas? 
  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly

How often would you like to receive a full sync? 

  • Quarterly 

  • Annually



Bulk data delivery is a great option for enterprises looking to ingest and maintain internal databases.