How do I find annual production broken down by both operator and state?

Interested in finding out the annual production but require a breakdown by both operator and state? Simply follow the steps outlined in this article to collect these specific figures.

To begin, narrow down your selection to the initial state in your list.

Then navigate to the production dashboard. Change the group by to current operator, and then set the date range to the year that you are looking to gather production for. 

At the bottom of the production dashboard, you can easily locate the total production for the year, categorized by operator. This information can be exported directly from the dashboard by clicking on the "Export" option located at the top of the table.


After exporting the table for the current state, repeat these steps for the other states from which you are collecting annual production data. This same method could be applied if you are looking for annual production by county, by basin, or any of the other group by options.